fifa手游射门技巧:禮貌的形成 The Form of Manner

  • 時間:2017-04-19 02:35:11
When we talk to other people, we will be pleased to chat with them if they are nice to us. On the contrary, if the person is rude and impolite, we will not want to listen to them. Manner matters so much in the communication. It reflects what kind of person we are. We need to form the manner and make us a polite person. First, we should be considerate. When people talk to us, we should think of the problem in their position, so that we will be patient and understand them. Second, we should not speak rude words. Impolite words will destroy the good impression. Manner is the mirror of who we are. 
當我們和他人交談時, 如果他們很友善,我們就會喜歡跟他們聊天。相反,如果這個人是粗魯和不禮貌的,我們就會不想聽他們講話。禮貌非常的重要,它反映了我們是什么樣的人。我們需要養成禮貌,做一個有禮貌的人。首先,我們應該體貼一點。當別人跟我們講話的時候,我們應該站在他們的立場想問題,這樣我們就會有耐心、理解他們。第二,我們不應該說粗魯的話。不禮貌的話會破壞好印象。禮貌是反應我們的鏡子。

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